Q&A 1.

How long and when will my AUG+ membership expire?

None of the above. AUG+ membership is a lifetime membership

Q&A 2.

How much does it cost to be an AUG+ member?

FREE! Upon appointing AUG as your representative agent on handling your further study applications up until visa application, you will be granted AUG+ membership by default

Q&A 3.

Is my AUG+ Associate Card valid across Australia and Malaysia?

Yes it is! Simply present your AUG+ Associate Card upon stepping into any AUG offices, and we will ensure you are well taken care of!

Q&A 4.

I lost my AUG+ Associate Card! Does that mean I can no longer enjoy the benefits?

Simply step into any AUG offices, and you will be reissued a brand new card on the spot. At no extra cost!