About AUG+ Associates

What is AUG+ Associates

At AUG, we are committed to establish a strong and meaningful relationship for all our current and past students, delivering a range of after-sales services and privileges that create mutually beneficial lifelong relationships and other networking opportunities. Through AUG+ Associates, AUG aims to maintain a strong network with its students, ensuring a long-term association and mutual support.

As part of the AUG+ Associates Network, AUG students can enjoy a range of benefits and privileges. As of 2013, in order to ensure they can fully utilize all these privileges that are available, exclusively to them, AUG is pleased to offer all AUG students its AUG+ Associates Card.

AUG+ Associates card is truly a global card where as a cardholder, you will enjoy great savings at a range of businesses both nationally and overseas. Whether it is watching a movie or dining with your friends, you will enjoy attractive discounts and benefits. You can also save money as you travel around the world on a well deserved break from university or school. You would be surprised to learn how much you can save.

Keep it in your wallet wherever you go and enjoy the world of AUG+ Associates Card. This card will definitely enhance your active lifestyle, as you can enjoy going out more, doing more and at the same time saving you heaps every time. So do make sure you use it today!

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AUG+ Associates Card