About AUG+ Australia

What is AUG+ Australia

One year after the official launch of AUG+ program, due to the rapid growth and popular demand from non-AUG students, AUG+ Australia Team and its membership card was introduced in March 2014. The AUG+ Australia is a student-run association, providing its members a range of privileges and benefits, such as discounts, vouchers, gifts and free/discounted events throughout each year.

With the support of its affiliated university clubs and societies, as well as strong AUG+ Associates student base, AUG+ Australia currently comprised of a vast active network of multinational community that spans across all, if not most, Australian universities and institutions.

For more information, go to our website (www.myaugplus.com) or view the list of current offers and privileges across Australia at www.myaugplus.com/associates.

Interested in joining this awesome association and getting your hands on one of our AUG+ Australia card? Simply contact us via email (info@myaugplus.com) for more information.

Our Card

AUG+ Associates Card